Agege Bread ?!

I came across Dooney’s Kitchen blog through Instagram. Very nice blog about Nigerian Cuisine.  By the way, I’ve been wanting to eat Agege Bread for so long that the moment I saw the recipe on her blog I was beyond excited. I had the ingredients already because I love baking so this morning the first thing I did in the kitchen was to make the bread dough because there is a lot of waiting time.

You will need to get basic ingredients like yeast, all purpose flour, milk, margarine, olive oil, egg and honey.

Making the bread itself has like an average difficulty because when the yeast is messed up then the bread is not going to work. You’ll need to follow the recipe step-by-step carefully. However, I made some slight changes:

  1. I did not have a weighing balance, so I used 1 teaspoon of yeast.
  2. I don’t have as much patience, so I waited for about 3 hours before re-kneading the dough and waited another one hour before putting it in the oven.
  3. Also, I set the oven to 350°F

You can find the recipe here Dooney’s kitchen.

The final result was still awesome. Next time, I think I will add sugar.

Second rising before putting it in the oven.
That glow! lol
The work of art at the bottom.







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