Meat Pie from Naij

This Recipe is tried and tested and after the the third time I finally got in right. The first time it was so dry. The second time it was oily and almost bland. The third time it was perfect and I’ve probably eaten more than 10 pieces yikes! I should hit the gym or not….

Classic Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Back again with a classic! Red Velvet, a nice cupcake with a hint of cocoa and beautiful red color. I was feeling unproductive and decided to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Also, quite easy to make. So to make this beautiful and delicious cupcakes you will need: 1/4 cup or 4 tablespoons…

Dark & Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

  I’ve eaten about five of these cupcakes in less than a day! ! What more can I say than they are so good. This cupcakes were very easy to make and I ditched my mixer again! I’m really not feeling the mixer. It’s very easy to over-mix the batter, so I used a Spatula and…


So this faithful day, I was craving cupcakes so bad (red velvet) but something was missing so I decided to opt for the simple vanilla cupcakes. Vanilla cupcakes are quite easy and is not time consuming. However, I used a big bowl and a wooden spatula rather my mixer (exercising my arms lol). So if…

Agege Bread ?!

I came across Dooney’s Kitchen blog through Instagram. Very nice blog about Nigerian Cuisine.  By the way, I’ve been wanting to eat Agege Bread for so long that the moment I saw the recipe on her blog I was beyond excited. I had the ingredients already because I love baking so this morning the first…

Favorite songs of the week

Adore – Cashmere cat, Ariana Grande NO – Meghan Trainor Dangerous Woman – Ariana One dance – Drake, Wizkid & Kyla Say somthing- Christina Aguilera Work from home – Fifth Harmony Cheap Thrills – Sia For your glory (album) – Free Worship : For Your Glory (Live) by Free Worship Spotify playlist (follow my playlists)


I always see all these photographs where the water makes mirror images. So I decided to take a shot 😉 thiS one is upSidE dowN !

Doing it!

Rethought and back! I really don’t know specifically what I’m doing on this blog so…. que sera sera. Well, I’m alive (in Sia’s voice) by God’s grace obviously. Let the fun begin💃🏾


GREY! I find it random but it works and it has a reason. This is about to get real. Oh God! I cant’t believe I’m actually doing this. Question of the day. How does the word chunky sound to you? I just found out that word is really disturbing to me. So I was watching…